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My Yoga Styles

Only Personal Training Online Classes. Each class is designed according to your goals and capabilities. 

Offline Classes are ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19 


Traditional Yoga

 (Hata & Vinyasa Yoga)

Main focus is on hamstring stretches, hip openers, back extension & flexion postures using the synchronisation of the breath. The class sequence starts with Sun Salutations (Suryanamaskars) followed by Yoga Asanas & Shavasana.


Class Duration : 1 Hour



(Yoga + Pilates)

Combination of exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.

Focus is on postural alignment and core strength along with Yoga postures. 

Class Duration : 1 Hour


Yoga Drills

(Yoga + Strength Training & HIIT)

Combination of Yoga with Strength Training, HIIT & Functional Training.

Main focus is on burning calories and fat loss. Nutrition consultation is available too.

Class Duration : 1 Hour


Prenatal Yoga

(Yoga for Expecting Mothers)

Exercises that are designed to support the changes that happen in pregnancy.

This class is a gentle way of keeping your body active focusing on the spine and hip health.

Class Duration : 1 Hour


Learn Pranayama

(Yogic Breathing Techniques)

Basic breathing techniques like abdominal breathing progressing to Pranamyama like alternate nostril breathing, ujjayi, bhramri and sheetali. Best for increasing lung capacity and emotional stability.

Class Duration : 1 Hour


Learn Meditation

(Guided Mindfulness)

Includes basic yoga postures to help sit comfortably, correct way of breathing and learning how to focus better with the help of guided meditation.

The idea is to help you understand the steps of meditation and explore different ways to meditate that suit you the most.

Class Duration : 30 Minutes

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